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Who We Are

Incepted in 1982 under the astute leadership of its Director and CEO, Engr. Rabiul Alam, Energypac Engineering Limited reigns supreme as Bangladesh's unparalleled pioneer in the design and manufacture of power equipment. With a proven track record of delivering over 500 successful turnkey substation projects spanning across the 33kV, 132kV, 230kV, and 400kV range, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. A testament to this is the introduction of Bangladesh's largest power transformer, the specially crafted 230/132kV, 300 MVA Autotransformer, designed to meet the demands of the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh.

What We Do

Energypac Engineering Limited is a comprehensive solution provider for all electrical engineering requirements, offering a wide range of products and services that cater to various industries. The company’s product portfolio includes Power Transformers, Oil Type Distribution Transformers, Cast Resin Transformers (CRT), Single Phase Transformer, Instrument Transformer, Busbar Trunking Systems, Control & Relay Panel, Indoor VCB Panels, Ring Main Unit (RMU), Load Break Switch, Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), Power Factor Improvement Panel (PFI) and other Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear Panels, Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Outdoor Off Load Disconnectors & Bypass Switches, Auto Circuit Reclosers (ACR), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and Rectifier for power generation, transmission & distribution systems. Energypac also provides fireproof electrical equipment solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Energypac Engineering Limited is not just a manufacturer of electrical products, but also a turnkey substation provider. The company has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the electrical engineering industry.

Our Achievements

Energypac Engineering Limited has a long history of achievements and accolades, reflecting its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company has been awarded the fifth Gold, National Export Trophy for the Financial Year 2020-2021 by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, and has ranked first in the ‘electric and electronics products’ category for five consecutive years, from 2016-2017 to 2020-2021.

In addition to its awards, Energypac Engineering’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, making it one of the most reputable and reliable electrical engineering companies in the country. The company also houses the only ISO 17025-certified power laboratory, which is the only internationally accredited and recognized power engineering laboratory in Bangladesh. This laboratory is equipped to perform a wide range of tests, including power and insulation tests, to ensure that Energypac’s products are of the highest quality.

The company’s products comply with international standards such as IEC, BS, EN, CENELEC, ISO, and ANSI/IEEE, and are exported globally, with customers in more than 15 countries. Energypac’s commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation has made it a preferred partner for customers looking for electrical engineering solutions.

Among numerous remarkable projects in Bangladesh, Energypac Engineering's transformers powered the construction of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant and the company supplied low-voltage distribution boards and Building Management System (BMS) for the country's first Metro Rail project. On a global scale, Energypac has completed outstanding projects. The company played a key role in setting up a high-voltage substation that supplies power to Kaski, Nepal – a region that includes the famous Mount Everest Base Camp. Another significant achievement was a high-voltage substation in Jhanakpur, Nepal, which holds significance as the birthplace of the Hindu Goddess Sita. Energypac holds a strong position as the largest provider of complete turnkey solutions in Nepal's power sector. In India, Energypac's fireproof transformers are being used in prestigious buildings, such as the Victoria Memorial Hall and the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital. It's the sole Bangladeshi company listed in India's Public Works Division. Recently, Energypac successfully exported 75 transformers to Adani Electricity in Mumbai. Additionally, 15 cast resin dry-type transformers were exported to the well-known Indian multinational company CG Power and Industrial Solutions.

Energypac Engineering Limited is the leading electrical engineering company in Bangladesh, with a rich history of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The company’s wide range of products and services, combined with its commitment to quality, has made it a preferred partner for customers looking for engineering solutions. Whether you are looking for electrical products for your home, business, or industrial application, Energypac Engineering Limited has the expertise and experience to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.


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  • 2023
    Gold Medal, National Export Trophy FY 2019-2020 & FY 2020-2021

    Recipient of the Gold Medal, National Export Trophy for FY 2019-2020 and FY 2020-2021 for its outstanding performance in the country's export earnings

  • 2022
    Gold Medal, National Export Trophy FY 2018-2019

    Winner of the Gold medal, National Export Trophy for FY 2018-2019 for its laudable performance in the country's export earnings.

  • 2021
    Gold Medal, National Export Trophy FY 2017-2018

    Winner of the Gold medal, National Export Trophy for FY 2017-2018 thanks to its commendable performance in the country's export earnings.

  • 2020
    President’s Industrial Development Award 2018

    Winner of the award in recognition of its remarkable contribution to industrial development.

  • 2019
    300MVA Power Transformer, Gold Medal, National Export Trophy FY 2016-2017

    Manufactures the 300MVA Power Transformer for the first time in Bangladesh and wins National Export Trophy for FY 2016-2017.

  • 2018
    Type-Tested 120MVA Power Transformer

    Successful short circuit type testing of 120MVA, 132/33kV power transformer completed from CPRI, India.

  • 2015
    Production Unit in Kolkata

    Established production unit in Kolkata, India.

  • 2014
    Production Unit in Italy

    Founded new production unit in Brescia, Italy.

  • 2013
    Fireproof Solution

    Manufactured Fireproof Transformer/ Cast Resin Transformer, Busbar Trunking System (BBT) and 230kV high voltage (HV) instrument transformer for the first time in Bangladesh.

  • 2012
    Foil Type Distribution Transformer

    First time in Bangladesh, manufactured Foil type Distribution Transformer.

  • 2010
    50MVA Power Transformer

    Manufactured 50MVA Power Transformer with on load tap changer for the first time in Bangladesh.

  • 2007
    132kV HV Power Transformer

    First time in Bangladesh, manufactured 132kV high voltage (HV) power transformer.

  • 2005
    132kV HV Instrument Transformer

    First time in Bangladesh, manufactured 132kV high voltage (HV) instrument transformer.

  • 1997
    Power Transformer

    Production of 10MVA, 33kV Class Power Transformer.

  • 1986
    Distribution Transformer

    Production of Distribution Transformer.

  • 1982

    Inception of Energypac.

Our Core People

Engr. Rabiul Alam, CIP, is an eminent business personality and the Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Energypac Engineering Limited. He is the Chairman of Energypac Power Generation Limited, Managing Director, and Director of various organizations under the Energypac umbrella respectively. Mr. Alam is one of the founding members of Energypac and is also a major pioneer in Bangladesh's power engineering industry. Energypac’s position as the country's leading manufacturer of electromechanical goods and its enduring success as an EPC company across South Asia stands testament to his brilliance, tenacity, hard work, and patriotic ardor.


Engineering and innovation are passions that Humayun Rashid believes in and practices. He is the Director of Energypac Engineering Limited and the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Energypac Power Generation Limited. Mr. Rashid is also one of the founders of Energypac and under his leadership, Energypac is recognized as a prime power engineering company in Bangladesh.


Mr. Enamul Haque Chowdhury, one of the Founder Directors of Energypac, has a long career in developing and establishing diversified businesses and projects including power generation, engineering financial institutions, garments, and more. He is the Managing Director of Energypac Engineering Limited, one of the largest private sector companies, engaged in manufacturing international quality electrical substations and power generation equipment in Bangladesh.

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